A Simple Way of Giving

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Have you ever thought of ways on how to help other people? Particularly the underprivileged ones? We have people who can’t have 3 proper meals a day, people who were left by their family, and we have people who are differently-abled. All of us cannot cater to all of their needs but one thing is for sure, and it is a fact that we can help them in their own ways.

“No one ever become poor by giving.” is a line quoted by Anne Frank from her book Diary of Anne Frank. This is why Bridging the Gap Early Intervention, in partnership with Touch Community Services, took the chance during the Christmas Season to give back to our brothers and sisters who are in need and this program is called “ADOPT A WISH”.

(The official poster of the ADOPT A WISH Program)

How does this program work?

Anyone could be an adopter. When you want to adopt, you would have to donate $20, which is equivalent to 1 set of donation kit containing a big bottle of shampoo, body wash and a towel.

(Each set of kit containing shampoo, body wash and towel)

Who will receive the kit?

Sets of names were posted on the Adopt-a-wish corner and you would have to choose a name of the adoptee you want to share the kit with. After choosing, you would have to write your name below the adoptee name.

(All the names of the adoptees are on the paper pasted on the glass wall where the adopters can choose.)

All the kits were given to Touch Community Services during the Christmas Week and it is definitely fulfilling, as Christmas is a season of giving.

To all the adopters, thank you for your generous hearts.

Doing good actually makes one feel good, or even feel great. Giving is one way and there are many more ways to help others. The secret of happiness is by helping others. So let’s help more, and we will be happier. It’s a win-win situation.

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