A Woman, A Mom, A Hero: Janice Tay, An Extraordinary Shero

A Woman, A Mom, A Hero: Janice Tay, An Extraordinary Shero2020-02-01T05:37:30+00:00

We love the month of March for many things, but most of all it is because this is the month where we celebrate International Women’s Day. This special day is celebrated globally every 8thMarch of the year to celebrate and acknowledge the hundred roles a woman play – mother, daughter, sister, wife, teacher, business leader and unending list more.

In line with the said celebration, the HEART Enterprise, a social enterprise set up in 2017, catering on children with autism and other special needs, in collaboration with Distrii Singapore, has organized an event to give recognition to all the women who selflessly serve the Special Needs community.Founder of The HEART Enterprise Ms. Joanne Leow, extends here sincerest gratitude to all the women who prominently stood out in the service of these kids with special needs. She pointed out how these women work all-around just to ensure the well-being of these children and to ensure that they are given equal opportunities. This is also serves as an awareness towards an inclusive society.

To make the event even more special, notable social entrepreneur, Ms. Elim Chew was also invited as a guest speaker. Ms. Chew quoted, “I am confident SHEROES will become a catch-phrase and hopefully inspire more to choose the special needs sector to contribute meaningfully. I am delighted to attend this inaugural event to really put the spotlight on these deserving women.”

From all over Singapore, 40 entries for SHEROES Award were received. Each nominated entry tells moving stories of many different professional service providers who changed or went beyond their duty. Out of 40, a panel of judges made a final selection of 30 SHEROES. One of the SHEROES is Bridging the Gap’s founder, Janice Tay, who left her corporate workplace and stayed home to take care of her son who was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay.

(Ms. Elim Chew giving the SHEROES award to Bridging the Gap’s founder, Ms. Janice Tay)

Inspired by her son, Janice Tay together with her husband started an early intervention centre called Bridging the Gap. It is a “one-stop” intensive early intervention centre that would unleash each child’s hidden potential so that they can maximise their strengths, cultivate better self-esteem and just bring out the best in them.

(Janice Tay with her son who inspired who in putting up an early intervention centre)

The couple aim to provide children with a holistic education that would develop their physical, cognitive, social and psychological needs. The said early intervention centre also promotes their multi-sensory gym that provides children a safe and conducive environment to learn and play.

This event serves as an eye-opener to everybody that serving kids with special needs is never an easy task. It takes a big heart to help shape children with special needs. Every mom or everyone in general has his or her own story but if all has the same mindset and same voice of equality then the hope of making an inclusive society is like a stream of light.

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