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Baby sign language is the use of manual signing and movements allowing infants and toddlers to communicate emotions, desires, and objects prior to spoken language development.

Teaching a baby to communicate using gestures can be exciting and fun. It’s an opportunity to watch your baby think and learn.

The whole process itself might encourage you to pay closer attention to your baby’s attempts to communicate. It might help you appreciate the challenges your baby faces when trying to understand their language.

What are the benefits of Baby Sign Langauge?

  1. Gives pre-verbal child ways to communicate
  2. Aids child’s understanding of language
  3. Increases communication opportunities
  4. Decreases child’s frustration
  5. Decreases parents’ or caregivers’ frustration
  6. Strengthens social and emotional bonds
  7. Helps child learn that movement has meaning

We help each child to bridge the physical, cognitive, social and psychological gap one at a time, for life.

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