Benefits of Tunnels to Children

Benefits of Tunnels to Children

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Playground or play gym is every child’s happy place. This is a place of play and exploration for our kids. This is where they can express themselves, socialize with others and where they can strengthen their motor skills. This is why in Bridging the Gap, we have our sensory gym where the children can express and regulate themselves at the same time. This is very beneficial especially to our kids with SPD or Sensory Processing Disorder. On top of our sensory gym and the various equipments, we would like to highlight the use of tunnels.

Tunnels can provide many benefits to the health and well-being of children. These include the following:


Crawling or scooting through the tunnel can enhance the physical activity they are gaining from other play pieces. Crawling is such an important developmental skill for your child. It is the beginning of fine motor skills as well as giving your child a strong core and bilateral coordination skills (using both sides of the both together) for gross motor play. When all of these skills are well-developed, it can help our children’s focus and attention skills.


As lots of children gather to play with the tunnel, knowledge in proper social etiquette will start to develop. It will teach kids lessons in taking turns, patience and tolerance, and playing fairly also. On top of that, tunnel activity actually helps our children with their confidence. Some children are scared to go through constrained and narrow spaces. Tunnels will help them overcome their fear, and be more confident.


Of course, tunnels offer a child a fun and interactive way to play. They can move through them, hide in them, or look out of them in the models with bubbles or windows. You can put their favorite toy or favorite snack at the end as a form of motivation. Once accomplished, this will reinforce them to go through the tunnel again. Be imaginative! Transform the tunnel a cave, a house or bed. Make your kids develop pretend play. They can make the whole play space more fun and exciting for children, helping them get more out of their play experience.

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