Bridging the Gap @ City Square Mall

Bridging the Gap @ City Square Mall

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Bridging the Gap journey started last April in the year 2018. Hence, this year, we celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. As expected, this whole voyage was not a smooth sail. We have experienced the ups and downs. Not just us but all of us due to the unforeseen pandemic which made everyone be placed in a tough situation. All these difficult times has tested our patience and faith especially when it felt like everything was on hold. However, these downfalls that we all have experienced will not only teach us to survive but also to find ways to make us stronger.

Therefore, we didn’t let the waves push us down. Instead, we cruised through the waves and found opportunities to continue our mission and vision to help & support the needs of our diverse children. We are proud and happy to announce the opening of our second home, Bridging the Gap Early Intervention in City Square Mall, which was held last Monday, 13th of September.

There is no other way to start Bridging the Gap but to offer it to Jesus. Therefore, a center blessing was held the day before the official opening.


Same as Bridging the Gap Rochester Mall, we have built a safe and fun learning environment for the children. We have a sensory integrated gym to help children prepare their minds and bodies before starting their day.

The highlight of the sensory gym is our specially-design sensory wall which is not only for our children to play with but also for them to improve on their fine motor skills. Plus, this will help in their problem solving skills and creativity in exploring these various toys.


Our classrooms are also carefully designed in such way it can be utilised in a 1:1 session or it can also be opened up for group sessions. The rooms are also well-lit with natural light from the windows. Moreover, we adjust to each child’s diverse needs. Hence, we also provide our children with some sensory cushions to cater their sensory needs.


We also have the center’s office, where you can find our clinical director, Ms. Janice Tay. This is where IEP meetings with the parents are held.


Lastly, specially designed plants are placed in the classrooms, office, and gym to help in purifying our center. Plus, studies show that having indoor plants helps in the reduction of stress and anxiety. Our plants curated by Ms. Sandra Dino.

We want to say our sincerest gratitude to all our friends, families, students & parents for the unending support. We will strive harder in serving our children.


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