Early Intervention Programme in Singapore for Children with Special Needs

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Our early intervention programme in Singapore provides child speech therapy, occupational therapy, educational therapy, social skills training, multi-sensory activities, preschool readiness programme and much more to help young children with special needs, develop their potential and overcoming their developmental delays. Our program is suitable for Preschool-aged children, who are unable to access the mainstream preschool settings and will benefit effective learning in a small teacher-student ratio with highly specialized  instruction. At our private early intervention centre in Singapore, We offer a 3 or 5 day intensive programme which equips children in the areas of development.


We design multi-sensory activities for toddlers, babies & children with special needs that would maximize the growth in each area of development. In addition to that, we use multi-sensorial materials and techniques that stimulates the children’s learning. Our sensory play ideas help the children to learn through more than one sense making learning more effective. Also, this would help the children to utilize their personal areas of strength.

    We help each child to bridge the physical, cognitive, social and psychological gap one at a time, for life.

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