Healthy Balanced Diet for Kids

Healthy Balanced Diet for Kids

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Being healthy is the most important part of our lives. A healthy life is a happy life they say. There are different aspects in living a good and healthy life but the most important one is what goes into our body. Whatever we intake will affect the performance of all the systems in our body. This also goes for children with special needs. Whatever food they intake can actually have effects on their behaviour. Some kids with hyperactivity must cut down the sugar intake while other kids with special needs might need more iron-filled food.

Having a balanced diet is great and we must start them young. We live in a very fast-paced society where everyone wants to get things fast. So we need to take things slow and see what we are feeding our children and the new generation.

One meal must consist of 55 percent of rice, pasta or bread, 20 percent of the vegetable and fruit group, 20 more percent on the meat and milk group and last 5 percent on sweets and cakes. .

Here are some of the classifications of healthy food and why we need them:

  • PROTEIN (fish, meat ,eggs ) – Protein is essential for growth, brain development and the maintenance for strong, healthy bones


  • CARBOHYDRATES (bread, pasta, nuts, seeds) – Carbohydrates are essential in absorbing important minerals such as calcium and iron. However, avoid feeding children below 5 years old nut and seeds as it might pose a risk of choking even though it has good  source of fibre, minerals and healthy fats


  • FRUITS & VEGETABLES – Fruits & vegetables are obviously the source of different vitamins. Amount of these kinds of food to be eaten must depend of their age, size and physical activities.


  • MILK & DAIRY FOOD (milk, cheese, yogurt) – Milk and dairy fruits are  good sources of calcium which can help build bone mass leading to improved bone health.


  • FATS & SUGAR – Even though we need some fats to grow and develop , too much of any sort is not recommended. It is just for the enjoyment of food and the source of concentrated energy for young children who are growing and physically active

Preparing a healthy balanced meal for children with special needs can actually improve their performance in school, giving them good energy, better concentration and less hyper for some instances. However, this doesn’t just go with special needs kids. This applies to everyone as well.

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