How is Dancing Beneficial to Our Kids?

How is Dancing Beneficial to Our Kids?

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Every parent wants the best for their children. Every mom or dad would do and give everything that would be beneficial for their children’s development. However, no children are the same. This is also in terms of their developmental process across all domains. Some children can comply and understand well while others are having difficulty. Some children have longer attention span, and some may be more active than others as well. If you are finding a way to channel your children’s boundless energy, then dancing is one of the best way.

Dancing is for everyone. Even for adults or for children with special needs, dancing is beneficial.

So can one benefit from dancing?

  1. Dancing develops physical skills.

Dancing keeps your body moving and active. From balancing on their toes to raising of arms, dancing utilizes all the muscle groups in our body. In addition to that, dance improves coordination, balance, stamina, flexibility, strength and even posture.

  1. Dancing develops cognitive and memory skills.

Dancing is a great way to develop cognitive and memory skills through learning the dance steps and choreography. It enhances the sensory awareness and can even learn nonverbal communication through gestures and movement. This can also develop the understanding of body language, they express through body movements and they learn how to interpret body signals from others.

  1. Dancing develops social skills.

Many children are not able to socialize with others for many reasons. However, through dancing, children will be exposed to their peers which allows them to be more comfortable in interacting with them. Not only that, once they start to become more comfortable, they will eventually become more confident to socialize with others. This will not take overnight but through positive encouragement and praises, they will naturally feel the flow.

  1. Dancing develops listening and attention skills.

Development of listening skills is not just about moving the body according to the beat of the music, but it is also about the compliance and the discipline of the children. Through series of instructions, it can hone children’s listening skills as to which movement comes first, which comes next or which comes last. Listening and attention skills can eventually be applied in school or at home.

  1. Dancing can relieve stress.

Dancing helps in fostering a more positive attitude. This is because dancing is proved to have a therapeutic effect as it gives enjoyment and fun. Some children may have difficulty regulating themselves or may have difficulty controlling emotions. This is why dancing can be a good outlet for these children to let go of their emotions.

Here are just some of the benefits of dancing. Go and discover the wonders of dancing to our children. You can also try it with them and this is the perfect way to bond!

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