How to Cultivate Independency of Young Children?

How to Cultivate Independency of Young Children?

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How do we cultivate good habits for our children? This has always been an issue not just for the parents at home but also for the teachers in school. This is because we wanted what’s best for our children. We wanted them to be instilled with good behaviours and habits that they can maintain when they grow up. However, saying is different from doing. It’s so easy to say “we will make our children independent.” but executing it, the process itself, is difficult as every child is born unique.

The question is: how acquire and develop independency to our children? There is no specific answer to this question as this a topic that can be affected by many factors. Some of the factors are way of living of a child, culture, race, number of siblings, school, environment and many more. This can also be influenced whether the child is a first born or can be the child is the youngest one, all of these contribute to the independency of a child.

However, by being independent, children can cultivate good working habits when they grow up and even cultivate their social skills with their peers around them.

Below are some ways we can do to help our children develop and cultivate independency:

  1. We treat them with love and respect.
  2. Provide guidance to them and let them make the decisions by themselves.
  3. Respect our children’s decisions and explain the rationale of our own decisions.
  4. Raise our children’s confidence by praising and acknowledging their efforts.
  5. We collaborate with our children instead of controlling.

It is our responsibility to cultivate our younger generations to spread and give more love to the future and beyond. Our responsibility does not end with our children, but with ourselves. Have you ever heard of the phrase , “Monkey see , monkey do.”? Children will always mimic what we portray to the world so the words and actions we use have to coincide with what we practice for our children so that they can follow along with the proper behaviour.

Let our children live in a better world than the world that we are living now. Being independent is a good start , so that they can stand on their two feet , and then LOVE and CARE and COMPASSION can follow through after that.

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