How to get Toddlers drink more Water?

How to get Toddlers drink more Water?

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The topmost priority of parents is the health of their children. This applies not only at home but also in school. To make sure that our children are healthy, we must provide them with nutritious food and give them vitamins. In addition to that, our children must also drink lots of water.

Having our children drink water is sometimes an issue. Some children naturally like drinking water but for some, it is a struggle for them to even have a sip. This is because for some, they got used to drinking water with flavors making water taste boring. In reality, we cannot always let our children drink juices. Generally, they still must drink water as it contains minerals that our bodies need.

So how can we encourage our toddlers to drink more water?

  1. Buy fun cups or bottles with their favorite cartoon character.
  • This is good motivation for them to drink more water. The more interesting the containers are, highly likely they are to drink more water. If they like cars for example, you can stick some stickers of cars, so they can see it while they drink on it.
  1. Make drinking into a game
  • Make drinking more fun to the kids especially toddlers. You can ask them to drink with you and whoever finishes one glass of water first, will get a reward after.
  1. Buy a silly straw
  • I remember when we were younger, we already had these crazy/silly straws. There’s just magic with these straws as it can add a little excitement to kids while drinking. You would see some children suck the straw and they would watch the water as it goes up and down.
  1. Add up some cool shaped ice
  • Children loves cold drink and ice. You can freeze some cool shapes of ice and drop it in their drinks. This can help them be excited in drinking water. You can change shapes every day, so it will be more interesting for them.
  1. Be a water model
  • Be a role model. Show them you are also drinking water and show them that drinking water can help them grow stronger. You can pretend that you are Spiderman and Spiderman drinks water to he can save the world. Be imaginative and creative. This will surely motivate them to drink more water.

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