How to Help Children Focus in Learning?

How to Help Children Focus in Learning?

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Focus is something that requires regular exercise for it to be strengthened. For some, focusing is very natural while for some, it can appear as a challenge. One thing is for sure: focus in children does not come easy. This is one of the issues most teachers struggle with. It is the same sentiments of the parents.

In Bridging the Gap, we have a number of kids who have challenges in focusing and concentration. Given that they all have different and individual needs, we have various ways to help each of them to be more focus and more attentive in class. This helps each of them to make learning more effective.

Below are some ways to help our children focus in class:

  1. Weighted Vests
  • Some our children have trouble in focusing in class mainly because they have ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) or sensory issues. Because of this, they would always want to move around, making them distracted and unfocused. This is why we let our children wear the weighted vest. The said weighted vest applies pressure to sensitive areas of the body. Once we place the vest, our children return to feeling grounded and in control.
  1. Sensory Cushion
  • We have our sensory cushion for our children to use in all of the classes (including their therapy sessions), table work time and during meals. The sensory cushion utilizes subtle movements and pent up energy to motivate the mind, fuel concentration, enhance creativity and improve memory. Our children love it because it is fun to use as the small bumped texture which gives just the right amount of tactile stimulation which reduces stress. Sometimes our children use it on their feet too!
  1. Feet Sensory Cushion
  • The feet sensory cushion offers a relaxing sensory experience that helps satisfy the need to move. Fidgeting with it is a silent outlet that allows our children’s excess energy to be ejected while sitting in class. The dual-textured surface provides the right amount of tactile stimulation. This under desk tool facilitates movement while sitting for a long period of time.
  1. Chair Bands
  • Another way to help our children focus in class is with the use of chair bands. This is what most occupational therapist recommend to our children who have restless or bouncing legs. We simply place these band around the bottom of two front chair legs. Our children can kick against the band to get a gross motor workout without disturbing the class. This gives a lot of movement opportunities especially to our hyper students, when going to a bigger space is not an option.

These are just some of the ways we do in our center to help our children to focus more. There are many more ways in helping the children focus. Just take note that all are unique which means some may or may not be effective to others. Struggling with focus or any other skill can take a toll on a child’s self-esteem. Praise your child’s hard work to improve focus. Point out even small improvements. And let your child know that focus skills can get better.

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