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We were invited to the launch of the early intervention program at Bridging the Gap Intervention. This is the latest baby of Max and Janice who also manage My Gym Buona Vista.

(Ms. Janice Tay, the founder,  giving her talk on how was she inspired to put up and manage Bridging the Gap an early intervention center. Along side is Ms. Belinda Lee, the event’s host.)

(These are some of the families who have shown their support during the launch of Bridging the Gap together with their children with special needs. On the rightmost is Max Lee, Janice Tay’s husband who has been with her through this journey.)

(Teacher Max and Teacher Nina letting the children experience Bridging the Gap’s multisensory gym.)


(Different stations were arranged for the children to try. This is one of the stations which taps the visual discrimination of the children.)

This amazing duo is full of love for children and people with disadvantaged backgrounds. My heart was touched by Janice’s personal story and challenging journey as a mom to her child who has special needs. From strangers, we became friends during the first meet-up. As for Max, he is the most enthusiastic and liveliest children’s gym instructor I’ve ever seen! Like the Energizer bunny, he doesn’t seem to run out of energy.

To Bridging The Gap, may your early intervention program shine far above what you envision it to be. Echoing Ms Elim Chew’s words, may your cozy space be a place of shelter and love for all special needs families, where our children can learn in a safe environment and be well-transitioned to their next phase of life.


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