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BULLY. A 5-letter word that comes in different forms but can have the same destructive effect to a human being. It’s a harmful word pertaining to person that can damage one’s heart, mind, body and soul. It’s very detrimental that at worst cases, it can lead to different emotional & mental disorder, even death. A bully would never choose a victim. It can be an adult, it can be an 8-year old kid, it can be your sister, or it can be you.

Just recently, there is an Australian boy named Quaden Bayles who was bullied by his classmates in school because of his case of having “dwarfism”. The mother uploaded a video online showing how his son, Quaden, wanted to take his life because of too much bullying. Imagine these words coming from a body of a small 8-year old. It is devasting and heartbreaking to him expressing his struggle of being bullied. This is just one story that was exposed to the world. There are a million more cases of bullying. Not to mention the number of people who are bullied and chose to remain silent.

The whole world is aware that bullying is a huge problem. This problem is something that cannot be solved overnight. Bullying can happen anytime and anywhere. It can happen at home, at work or at school. This can also happen to anyone. This is why parents are now more alarmed and more particular in choosing a school environment where their child can safe.

Empowering our children with words and lecture will never be enough once they get involved to an actual bully. This is why in Bridging the Gap, we offer our students our Bullyproof Program, which will allow them to protect themselves from verbal or physical bullying.

Below are concrete “Bullyproof” steps to fight against verbal and physical bully:


When a bully comes and ask for your money, here is what you should do.


Learn how to say NO! Bullies will test you how far you can give in to them. The more you let them manipulate you, the more they will bully you. So, learn when to say NO!


If bullies still won’t stop, distract them by clapping just in front of their face. But don’t attack them!

Once they’re distracted, try to disengage them by hugging their lower body so they can’t harm you as you are in control of body. And remember, don’t hit or attack. Just always prevent yourself from being hurt.



Some bullies will just straight away push you and hurt you physically. They would use their strength as they want things to go their way. So what must you do for situation like this?

If a bully pin you down, keep calm and find a way for you to distract him.

Hold his arm and secure his wrist in this position shown in the picture. One hand across holding wrist and one hand on the arm. Hold it tight, don’t let go.

Find the perfect timing to disengage the bully. Always aim to be on top or in front of him so you can have more strength to be in control. In this way, you can easily prevent the bully from punching or hitting you.

Don’t be scared. Show the bully that you know what should be done and that you know how to protect yourselves. This will surely stop them from bullying you.

These are just some of the ways that our Bullyproof Programme can offer. There thousands more ways to call yourself or your children, BULLYPROOF!

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