Sensory play: Frozen Pompoms

Sensory play: Frozen Pompoms

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Thinking about activities that our children can do is sometimes tiring. We may have bought them all the toys they want but still, they would want to find something else to play with.

Have you noticed that sometimes your children prefer playing yakult or vitagen bottles than playing with a remote-controlled car? We would see them opening random cabinets at home to find something to play with. This is because our children are very curious about everything. Everything new to their eyes, they would want to try and play with it. This is actually already the answer to the question, “What can we let our children play with at home?”

One of the go-to activities that you can do with your children is water-play. You can go outside, fill a pail of water, take cups and your children can be busy for about 30 minutes or even more! Some of you might be worried that the clothes might get wet or it is messy to play with. However, more mess means more fun. The kids like it messier because the feeling of water can actually stimulate our children’s senses. Make it more fun by using water gun or even your water hose. Most important is, you can play with them. This would actually be a perfect weekend bonding activity.

There are more other ways to do with water. This is to FREEZE it and turn it ice. This can give our children a different feeling which is COLD. They will be more curious how the water becomes solid and how it can actually melt back to water as they touch and play with it.

We will share with you one of the most favorite activities that our children love to do and this is FROZEN POMPOMS!

Let the children touch the ice until it melts then they can squeeze and feel the cold pompoms too. Children love these objects which they can scoop and transfer from one container to another.

(Using thongs can make it more fun! Plus, it can enhance fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination)

The best thing is to have their hands and feet feel the coldness of it. It will motivate them to play with it longer! Add some spoon and other safe kitchen tools that they can use. Some children would pretend that they are cooking and this can enhance their creativity in pretend play and also their social skills.

(Children enjoy soaking their hands in the ice cold water!)

(Our children are very curious that they let the coldness of the pompom touch their noses too!)

Don’t restrict yourself from thinking of other things that you can freeze with water. You can freeze small toys like marbles, dinosaurs, toy soldiers and your children’s favorite cartoon character! This will make it more interesting for them!

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