Tips to Encourage Babbling for Babies

Tips to Encourage Babbling for Babies

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Parents nowadays have been very cautious and particular with their children’s development. This is probably because majority are more aware of the signs of being delayed. One of the most noticeable would be speech development. Some parents may be alarmed whether their child got speech or language delay, but some may think that their child has his/her own development pace. Both are correct. Both are possible. However, there ways to encourage our child to babble from infanthood until early childhood age.

Tip # 1: Hold you baby close (Infants and young babies)

  • This is something scientific. Newborns and infants can only see the distance of 8-10 inches. This is just the perfect distance when you are holding your baby in your arm. All babies are actually born with “Mirror Neurons”. It is something in the brain that tells a person to do what they see. This is basically copying. If you are holding your baby, and you’re talking to them, even if they’re too young or they don’t have the oral motor skills or muscle strength to create those sounds yet, their brains are recording what they’re seeing and hearing. When the time comes, and the muscles are ready, they’re going to start copying whatever they have recorded while you were talking to them closely. If you baby doesn’t want to be cradled in your arms, you can talk to them while lying down on bed. You can also talk to them while eating. Feeding time is a good talking time. 

Tip # 2: Babble at your baby

  • This might be a bit odd or uncomfortable for some people but this actually a wonderful thing for your baby. Some may say that they talk to their baby in full sentences, and that is good too. But, the thing is, your baby is recording and watching while you talk. When you babble at them from time to time, you would notice that they become more interested in watching your mouth move while you create different sounds. You can always mix real words and babbling. Choose words that are easy for your babies to try and copy.

Tip # 3 Babble back at your Baby

  • Once you hear you baby babble, copy the sound. Babble back at them. It will encourage them to make more sounds. This will reward them and would want to create various babbling sounds every time you babble with them. You can copy their way of babbling but change the tone, make it a bit louder. This is because this will spark your baby’s interest and will challenge them to create more sounds. You can also make it longer, slower or even faster. Do it as creative as possible. This will make your baby laugh and this is actually a start of conversation already.

These are just some ways that will help your babies to babble more!


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