Why Do We Love Our EPSON Interactive Projector?

Why Do We Love Our EPSON Interactive Projector?

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Every early intervention center’s vision is to have an inclusive environment. Yes, it does sound like a wonderful and ideal concept. However, it is also a reality that having this setting will have its challenges especially for the part of the teachers.

More than the training, patience and compassion of the teachers, there are still difficulties to support students across educational and developmental spectrum in a balanced way. Research says that one of the most difficult challenges of the teachers is creating lessons and activities that would cater to all.

To address this issue, our center has elevated its way to make learning more dynamic and more “inclusive” to cater the individual needs our students. This is where our EPSON Projector fits in perfectly – bringing a whole new level of learning experience for our students.

If you’re curious to know how beneficial it is for children with developmental needs, below are the reasons why we love our EPSON Projector:

1. It gives virtual reality environments

Giving virtual reality environment can help autistic students in stressful situations where they deal with crowds, such as hallways, school assemblies, and the cafeteria. By encountering these scenarios in a nonthreatening virtual environment, these students can gradually become accustomed to them and will be better prepared to respond calmly and appropriately in real-life situations. This also helps our younger children with autism how to be aware of social expectations and modify their own behaviour.

2. It gives sense of stability

Most children with special needs requires a structured environment for them to feel organised and safe. The EPSON interactive projector can bring a sense of stability in the centre. Teachers can prepare and set up task-analysed schedules, focusing the class or a students on one thing at a time. This greatly helps with the transition from one activity to another.

3. It gives outlet for some kinaesthetic learners

Some of our children displays hyperactivity. They have difficulty sitting on their desks for long periods of time. With the use of the EPSON interactive projector, this would give them opportunity to move in the classroom and learn by doing.

4. It gives aide for children with dyslexia and visual impairment

As part of our intervention, we support in building our children’s foundational skills which includes reading. In reading and phonics class, this helps our class to make predictions, decode sight words, sequence the events of a text, and sort words by sound. This gives students a visual representation as well as an auditory representation of the lesson material. The vibrant colours seen on screen helps children with visual impairment make more meaningful outlook and discoveries.

5. It gives multi-sensory experience for lower functioning kids

We believe in a multi-sensory approach. The more senses used in the learning experience, the more meaningful it is. We don’t only watch or listen to audio-visual presentations, but we also let our children use interactive pen giving them the tactile input for better learning.

6. It gives collaborative approach

Our EPSON interactive projector was not only capable of supporting one point of touch at once but multiple touchpoints. This made simultaneous use of the projector more effective for group activities. This allows multiple students and teachers to annotate together and makes group work easier.

7. It gives relaxing and safe mood for the children

We make use of our interactive projector to create a global classroom, beyond the walls, without ever leaving our centre. On top of the real plants we have around our centre, we set the mood with interactive classroom décor. With the beautiful, large display of the interactive projector, we are able to provide our children a relaxing and safe atmosphere in seconds.

The successful integration of our Epson projector into the lessons and daily routine activities has led to a paradigm shift in the way lessons are delivered. This has certainly enhanced the levels of interaction between teachers and students which led to significant improvements amongst the children. We will continue to multi-sensorial possibilities to cultivate our children’s individual strength as they learn to live and to feel that they are part of the mainstream world.

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