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Bridging the Gap unleashes each child’s hidden potential so that they can maximize their strengths, cultivate better self-esteem and bring out the brilliance of an unpolished gem. We made it possible with customized intervention programmes that go beyond typical classroom learning, paced at the learning curve of each child, so that their journey will be a personal experience of growth and transformation.

Together with the help and support of our team and professional therapists, we are an “all inclusive” intensive intervention centre for our children with special needs.


Our mission is to help every child to bridge the physical, cognitive, social and psychological gap in their life.


Our vision is to create an inclusive environment to help every child to integrate back to society. To give every child a chance to learn. To teach every other child from young to have empathy, to accept differences and to give a lending hand readily. We believe everyone including children with special needs has a place in the society to make a difference.

What makes us DIFFERENT?


Physical Infrastructure Support

We have a big sensory gym which provides wonderful opportunities for children to enhance their physical (movement and balance sense, body awareness sense, fine motor skills, bilateral coordination) and cognitive (cause and effect reasoning and social development) skills, in a fun and non-threatening way. Sensory gym provides a stress-free environment, and is effective for children with challenges, where they can process information more efficiently with less frustration and anxiety.


Holistic Approach with a Heart

Our Founder, Janice Tay, is consummately passionate in providing a holistic education for children with special needs, to help them reach their maximum potential in the physical, cognitive, social and psychological aspects. She has a great empathy for this group of children, and desired to help them to integrate well with the society. Having experienced for herself what it is like to have a child with special needs who struggle in a mainstream school environment and facing many rejections from the people around them, Janice hopes to fill the gap that no other schools and enrichment centers can offer.


Experienced Specialists

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals – Educational Specialists, Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists – work closely with one another, together with parents, to help their children reach their maximum potential. We work on a very small ratio of 1 educator to 2 students, to give the utmost attention to their needs. Our Therapists also work on a one-to-one ratio as every child posses unique and different learning ability.

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