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Preschool Programme

The Bridging the Gap Playgroup is a Preschool program which provides opportunities for young child aged between 18 months to 3½ years to develop and learn through both structured and free play. We aim to increase each child’s competence in all developmental areas and build on his/her natural interest in learning. Through motivating activities in a friendly and stimulating environment, our preschool program gives children the opportunity to explore and make discoveries every day.

Class Structure

Our Playgroup features a 10-week programme where preschoolers engage in a 3- or 5-day week course. We have carefully structured our Playgroup programme to help our young learners maximise their potential and grow in all developmental areas. This preschool programme runs from Monday through Friday every morning from 10:00 am to 12 noon. It is a small class size (limit of 12) and is designed to be more creative through discovery-based learning.

Daily Routine at Our Playgroup

The timing below shows you how our morning is set out.

Our Playgroup Curriculum

Children 18 months to 3 years old are highly imaginative and live in a world of imagination and make-believe. A typical day in our Playgroup programme is filled with lots of stories, dramatic play, songs and rhymes, sensory play, arts & craft and gymnastics exploration.

Bridging the Gap’s Playgroup curriculum focuses on learning through play where we use a thematic approach in our curriculum to spark a child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm. We also highlight sensory play activities which provide stimulation for learning, enabling greater information retention in young learners. The curriculum is also linked to an age-appropriate theme that changes every term.

Language and Literacy

One of the key highlights of our Playgroup programme are language and literacy activities. By building on a child’s pre-learning skills such as – auditory (listening), visual (seeing), fine motor and vocal, we are able to prepare our young learners for their future academic endeavors.

Our language and literacy activities involve hands-on kinesthetic learning with the use of colourful and multi-sensorial manipulatives. Instructions are broken down, modelled and visually supported to cater to our non-verbal young learners.

Arts and Craft

Our curriculum introduces a myriad of art media, textures and materials, helping our young learners develop fine motor skills and sensory abilities through craft activities. Focusing on the creative process rather than the outcome, we provide a safe space for children to explore their artistic nature.

Music and Movement

Designed to get our kids up and moving, our programme introduces a variety of educational songs that inspire movement. Specially curated by our curriculum specialists, music and movement activities help our young learners effectively process their emotions and sharpen their social skills.

Dramatic Play

Through dramatic play, we teach our children how to perform different roles in various situations. This tests their creativity, reaction, inferencing and problem-solving skills. At our Playgroup programme, we promote the development of social skills as our little learners to put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Story Telling

Storytelling plays a critical part in our young learners’ overall development. This helps our children to instil virtues in life, boost their listening skills, fosters imagination, enhances communication skills and improves social skills. This will always be a part of our day-to-day routine which the children really love.

Gymnastics and Fitness

Bridging the Gap features a sensory integrated gym designed to provide proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input for our young learners. Fully equipped with swings, trampolines, therapy balls and climbing walls, your child will develop physical awareness and cognitive skills in a fun and engaging way.

Sensory Play & Manipulative Exploration

A key highlight of our Playgroup programme, manipulative exploration and sensory play promotes the development of fine motor skills, manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Through the use of puzzles, crayons, blocks, playdough and musical toys, our young learners learn how to discover, examine and interact with different items.

Parent Testimonials

Dearest BTG Teachers, Alyssa has been excited for your lessons. We really appreciate that you all go above and beyond for Alyssa in class.

Alyssa’s Parents

Thank you for taking care of Youyu in the past few months. He has developed well in every way and enjoyed learning in Bridging the Gap. At times, Youyu would tell me he wants to visit the school and all the teachers. We just want to say we appreciate all your efforts for making Youyu how he is now.

Youyu’s Mummy

Teachers, thank you for the love and care for Grace. You have seen my little one grow and I saw how she loved going to school and loved learning because of you! Your patience and energy is incomparable!

Grace’s Parents


Does my child have to go through assessment before enrolling in your Playgroup school based programme?2020-12-24T08:09:48+00:00

There won’t be any required assessment prior enrolment period. However, we will be doing observations and will be asking parents’ feedback on the child’s overall development and behavior.

What is your Playgroup programme’s teacher-child ratio?2020-12-24T08:10:31+00:00

It is a small class size (limit of 12) and is designed to be more creative and more inclined play-based learning.

What are the qualifications of your Playgroup school teachers?2021-01-19T02:34:10+00:00

Our teachers are highly skilled early childhood educators with proficient English Language Skills. They are also sports-trained in gymnasium. Over and above that, they are experienced and qualified to handle children with learning differences.

What are the learning facilities at Bridging the Gap?2021-01-19T02:34:48+00:00

We have a big sensory integrated gym which provides wonderful opportunities for children to enhance their physical (movement and balance sense, body awareness sense, fine motor skills, bilateral coordination) and cognitive (cause and effect reasoning and social development) skills, in a fun and non-threatening way.

Sensory integrated gym provides a stress-free environment, and is effective for children with challenges, where they can process information more efficiently with less frustration and anxiety.

How will I be informed of my child’s progress?2021-01-19T02:35:26+00:00

Every term, the teachers will be providing the parents with a progress report and a developmental checklist which will explain the development of the children across all domains (physical, cognitive, social and emotional).

Can I sit in with my child in class?2021-01-19T02:35:52+00:00

Our Playgroup is an independent programme. Therefore, parents are not allowed to sit in. However, we consider special cases that really requires special arrangement.

Are there extra costs for the Playgroup school programme? Or is it included in the school fees?2021-01-19T02:36:33+00:00

Extra costs will only be from school fieldtrips and some school events which will be announced beforehand.

What measures does Bridging the Gap take to ensure the children’s safety and well-being?2021-01-19T02:37:11+00:00

Our teachers are provided with trainings that reflect safety and child development. Teacher-child ratios set a minimum number of adults needed to care safely for a group of children. We have a ratio of 2:12 teacher and student ratio at most to ensure our children’s safety. Our school facilities, which include the gym and the classrooms, are sanitized every day, after every session. In addition, our teachers are certified first aiders.

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