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A fully trained shadow support is an asset to the student who otherwise would have trouble fitting in and adapting to the mainstream school environment.

At Bridging the Gap, we aim to support our students with learning and behavioural difficulties to integrate successfully and function independently in mainstream environment. We will help our students develop appropriate behaviours in schools and equip them with strategies to manage and cope in various settings. Creating situations where our students can practise social skills, guiding them to develop and maintain friendships.

Our Shadow Support Teachers are trained and equipped with dynamic, clinical skills, working alongside with Speech Language Pathologists, Professional Therapists and Educational Psychologists to provide an effective solution to the learning needs of our students.

Benefits of Early Intervention Teacher In Singapore

We firmly believe that there are great benefits from having an inclusive education as it aids our children’s development and growth. However, to maximise these benefits, it is necessary that the child receives appropriate support and service.

Our shadow teaching programme aims to fade off the support as the student’s skills improve. Fostering competency and independence of learning, the shadow support can be weaned off at the right moment.

The duties of our Shadow Support Teacher are:

  • to facilitate skills that enable the student to pay attention to classroom settings and instructions.
  • to help the student develops and displays appropriate classroom behaviour.
  • to help the classroom teacher understand the student’s challenges and learning differences.
  • to provide support in completing classroom tasks and activities only when necessary.
  • to help the student to achieve goals designed in his/her IEP (Individualized Education Plan) by implementing accommodations and modifications rooted from the school’s curriculum.
  • to ensure that the speech language therapy and occupational therapy goals are implemented in the classroom situation for better results.
  • to regularly update the parents, classroom teacher, the case manager and the rest of the team on the student’s progress.

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