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Going to school is part of every kid’s daily life. For Manny, it is a big step.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention

Have you ever thought that while simple physical activities may be easy to most kids, the same set of physical activities may be a challenge for some? Just as how climbing steps and counting numbers may be a difficult task for Manny.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention #physical

It takes longer for Manny to find the right shape to fit into a hole. Manny has to try twice as hard to analyse before coming to a decision.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention #cognitive

While it’s natural for children to play together, it takes extra effort for Manny to connect with other children.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention #social #psychological

It takes paramount of trust and confidence for Manny to take a leap of faith.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention #faith

Going to school can be intimidating. It takes a ray of hope in Manny’s heart to look forward to school each day.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention #hope

It is love that gives everyone the courage to work against all odds and strive towards an inclusive society for every child.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention #love

A child’s development usually comprise of 4 key areas, physical, cognitive, psychological and social. Early intervention will help Manny develop these skill sets earlier and he will have a better chance of discovering his potential while gaining confidence and enjoyment in learning and interaction.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention #love

This is just a beginning for Manny….

Like every kid, Manny is a boy with lots of imagination. He loves adventure and dreams of saving the world. At times, he is a king, and at times, he is a knight.

Similar to every kid, Manny needs a chance to go to school and interact with other children. He needs guidance and confidence to realise his potential in being able to integrate in school in the future.

Please give Manny a chance.

#bridgingthegap #earlyintervention #physical #cognitive #social #psychological #faith #hope #love

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