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Social skills are important in enabling a child to have and maintain positive interactions with others. These skills are required in making and developing friendships. Good social skills can improve your child’s psychological and emotional well-being.
Social skills training uses strategies such as role-playing, video-modelling and social stories to develop your child’s play skills (turn-taking or sharing a toy), conversational skills (verbal and non-verbal language), emotional skills (managing emotions and having empathy for others) and problem-solving skills (dealing with a conflict or making a decision).

Our social skills training follows the basic structural and implementation outline:
01. We identify the problem
02. We set the goals for your child
03. Modelling the expected skill
04. Role-playing of the expected skill
05. Feedback
06. Homework

Through our programme, we would hand in hand build our child’s social competencies in a very fun and meaningful way.

    We help each child to bridge the physical, cognitive, social and psychological gap one at a time, for life.

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