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Nursery School Programme

Bridging the Gap’s Nursery School programme provides a comprehensive curriculum designed for children aged between 3 years to 4½ years old. It is a progression from our Playgroup programme where the curriculum focuses on a holistic learning experience for children to engage in fun learning.

Furthermore, our Nursery School programme promotes the development of cognitive competencies and encourages a natural interest in learning. This helps our young learners adapt to routines and structured activities which they will soon experience in their academic careers.

Class Structure

Our Nursery classes are organised into terms where each term is a 10-week program. Our curriculum is carefully structured for your child to progress at his / her own pace with confidence and increasing interest. It is a five-day program that runs Monday through Friday every morning from 9:00 am to 12 noon. It is a fantastic class that focuses on play-based learning with a thematic approach. It is a small class size (limit of 12) and is designed to be more creative through discovery-based learning.

Daily Routine at Our Nursery

The timing below shows you how our morning is set out.

Our Nursery Curriculum

Bridging the Gap’s Nursery curriculum is Play-based. We believe that play is an essential strategy for learning. We use a child’s natural curiosity and desire to have fun and play to encourage the development of key learning, thinking and communication skills. When children engage all of their senses in learning tasks, they increase their ability to learn. Play-based curriculum engages all senses in learning.

Play is meaningful
Through play, children express and expand their understanding of their experiences.
Children play to make sense of the world around them, and to find meaning in an experience by connecting it to something already known.

Play is joyful
Play is definitely a good source of fun where our children can explore, discover and imagine wonderful thoughts.

Play is socially interactive
Play allows children to communicate ideas, to understand others through social interaction, paving the way to build deeper understanding and more powerful relationships.

Language, Literacy and Phonics

A key component of our Nursery School programme is the language, literacy and phonics activities. We prepare our young learners with essential communication skills to facilitate reading, writing and spelling. Furthermore, this activity is structured to help children understand the use of basic prepositions, pronouns and simple vocabulary.

Sensory Play

Sensory Play helps in stimulating the brain and improvement on sensory processing systems. It enhances process of learning as many senses are being used (sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing). Above all, it is very fun as this is the time where the children can explore and be messy while learning!

Arts and Craft

Craft activities encourage creativity, dexterity and self-expression. Our Nursery classes offer a series of educational arts and craft activities such as colouring, drawing and painting to help children express their emotions and thoughts.

Music and Movement

Designed to engage children in a series of musical compositions, our curriculum specialists introduce beats, rhythms, pitch, tempo and timbre to awaken your child’s aural senses. Musical movements such as rocking, dancing and bouncing will also improve your child’s body awareness and gross motor skills.

Gymnastics & Fitness

Bridging the Gap features a sensory integrated gym, a safe environment where our children can play. It is designed to provide proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input for our young learners. We also teach our children basic gymnastic skills that focus on balancing, hanging, tumbling and agility. This will help them to have overall physical development and also to instill confidence in them.

Science and Math Discovery

We want our children to nurture their curiosity in this world. Through our activities, our children are exposed to basic skills such as counting, sorting and classifying, shapes and sizes, measuring, etc. which can help them further in problem solving and higher-order thinking skills.

Introductory Writing Skills

Pre-writing skills are fundamental for children to develop before they are able to write. As part of the Nursery programme, we teach the skills that will contribute to the child’s ability to hold and use a pencil, and the ability to draw, write, copy, and colour.

Dramatic Play

Another core focus of our Nursery programme, dramatic play helps children explore different roles and scenarios which may arise in everyday life. With a variety of specially curated themes, our young learners are able to practice important language and social skills.

Show and Tell

Show and tell is one of favourite activities where the children are given opportunity to speak in front of others. Each child gets to be the centre of attention. This activity promotes turn-taking skills, builds listening skills, enhances communication skills and increase self-confidence.

Manipulative Exploration

A key highlight of our Nursery programme, manipulative exploration promotes the development of fine motor skills, manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Through the use of puzzles, crayons, blocks, playdough and musical toys, our young learners learn how to discover, examine and interact with different items.

Circle Time

Circle time is an engaging activity designed to help your child develop positive relationships with friends through social interaction. It provides an opportunity for kids to socialize and prepare them for their future academic endeavors.

Parent Testimonials

Thank you BTG Teachers for always making learning very fun! We have seen Mark grow from a very shy boy to a very confident and adventurous child! Each day, he shows such enthusiasm to come to school. Thank you for being patient to my little one!

Mark’s Mummy

My daughter Isabelle can’t stop saying how much she misses her teacher and her classmates. It was such a great time with you. I have seen my daughter blossom! Thank you for extending your love and patience!

Isabelle’s Mummy

We are really pleased with the way the teachers conduct classes! My child Anna has always something good to share with us every time she comes home from school. She loves to go back to the gym too! Thank you BTG for all the efforts you gave my child. We shall visit soon!

Anna’s Parents


Does my child have to go through assessment before enrolling in your Nursery school programme?2020-11-30T06:32:29+00:00

There won’t be any required assessment prior enrolment period. However, we will be doing observations and will be asking parents’ feedback on the child’s overall development and behavior.

What is your Nursery programme’s teacher-child ratio?2020-11-30T06:39:57+00:00

It is a small class size (limit of 12) and is designed to be more creative and more inclined play-based learning.

What are the qualifications of your Nursery school teachers?2020-12-30T06:03:57+00:00

Our teachers are highly skilled early childhood educators with proficient English Language Skills. They are also sports-trained in gymnasium. Over and above that, they are experienced and qualified to handle children with learning differences.

What are the learning facilities at Bridging the Gap?2021-01-19T02:34:48+00:00

We have a big sensory integrated gym which provides wonderful opportunities for children to enhance their physical (movement and balance sense, body awareness sense, fine motor skills, bilateral coordination) and cognitive (cause and effect reasoning and social development) skills, in a fun and non-threatening way.

Sensory integrated gym provides a stress-free environment, and is effective for children with challenges, where they can process information more efficiently with less frustration and anxiety.

How will I be informed of my child’s progress?2021-01-19T02:35:26+00:00

Every term, the teachers will be providing the parents with a progress report and a developmental checklist which will explain the development of the children across all domains (physical, cognitive, social and emotional).

Can I sit in with my child in class?2021-01-18T08:47:59+00:00

Our Nursery is an independent programme. Therefore, parents are not allowed to sit in. However, we consider special cases that really requires special arrangement.

Are there extra costs for the Nursery school programme? Or is it included in the school fees?2020-11-30T06:54:18+00:00

Extra costs will only be from school fieldtrips and some school events which will be announced beforehand.

What measures does Bridging the Gap take to ensure the children’s safety and well-being?2021-01-19T02:37:11+00:00

Our teachers are provided with trainings that reflect safety and child development. Teacher-child ratios set a minimum number of adults needed to care safely for a group of children. We have a ratio of 2:12 teacher and student ratio at most to ensure our children’s safety. Our school facilities, which include the gym and the classrooms, are sanitized every day, after every session. In addition, our teachers are certified first aiders.

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