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This concept is inspired byjoining the words, “bridging”and “gap”, reinforced the“plus”sign asan

Bridging The Gap (hereafter referred to as ”BTG”) is a body of special educators well-endowed in early intervention programmes designed to bridge the gap in the Physical, Cognitive, Social, Psychological and Spiritual aspects of each child, in order to achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and success in their school and in the community. BTG unleashes each child’s hidden potential so that they can maxỉmise their strengths, cultivate better self-esteem and bring out the hidden brilliance of an unpolished gem. BTG made it possible with customised intervention programmes that go beyond typical classroom learning, paced at the learning curve of each child, so that their journey will be a personal experience of growth and transformation, one step at a time.

Refer to the details as annotated on the left.

Purple is generally associated with wisdom, quality, dignity, sensuality, independence,
creativity, truth, authenticity and peace; whereas maroon or deep-red colour is commonly associated with confidence, power, passion, love, courage, strength and beauty. The two colours offer a powerful combination of attributes to BTG’s brand values. The warm gray colour used for the tagline is the colour of intellect, knowledge, neutrality, wisdom, dignity and authority.


Red is the colour of the Blood of Jesus; Purple is a colour of royalty associated with Jesus (Mark15:16); Gray is representative of repentance.

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