Bridging the Gap 用他们的行动和努力的付出取得了我们的信任!

Bridging the Gap 用他们的行动和努力的付出取得了我们的信任!

2021-04-05T04:00:40+00:00March 3rd, 2021|

My child has been studying at Bridging the Gap for a year, and I am very happy to see that he has been making continuous progression throughout and has achieved good development in all aspects. Thank you very much to all the teachers at Bridging the Gap!

Under the leadership of Janice and Max, they have demonstrated great love and patience to all children as well as using their professional knowledges and rich experiences to support them by constantly developing personalised teaching plans and provide targeted guidance and teaching. Furthermore, they often communicate with parents so as to keep them abreast of the progress of their children and share the strategies and skills they have learned, so that the children can continue to demonstrate and generalize the knowledge and skills they have learned when they return home. Bridging the Gap has gained our trust with their actions and hard work!

Tao Li


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