He is a child too with personality

He is a child too with personality

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I used to feel people’s judging look whenever my son acted “weird”. Then by such pressure, I had no other choices but explaining them his disability, wishing to add that he is a child too with personality but just couldn’t spit out.

My son is diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder. He looks okay when he doesn’t do anything, but you can easily feel that he’s having difficulties when you talk with him in depth and observe his behaviours. It wasn’t easy to find and choose the therapists and educational institutions that meet his needs precisely. Some limits his potentials and refused to take further, and others treated him with their standards too high for him.

But “Bridging the Gap” turns out quite differently from my experiences. Treating my son only as a boy he is, with love and understanding, instead of focusing on his disability, touches my heart. We never had any experiences of being cared as a natural person until we meet “Bridging the Gap”.

Even when he didn’t have a class, he stopped by MyGym (where “Bridging the Gap” took place) everyday when he was passing by. This might have been annoying from MyGym’s perspective, but they always welcomed every visit of him and never even once rejected him.

Love, hearts and efforts never betray. Back in Korea, I was busy telling my son to say hi to others, but he is saying “Hello” first after he enrolled into “Bridging the Gap”.

A boy didn’t even know Alphabets can now read sentences and write them too. He absorbs fast but forgets fast too, so most feasible methods had to be found in order for him to absorb in many different ways. The length of concentration is of course shorter than the mainstream children, so teacher’s capacity of class organization & progress is very important. He was pointed out a lot for this focusing issue from other institutions which was also one of the most difficult moments for me as well.

But “Bridging the Gap” never gave any negative feedbacks for this focus & concentration issue. I trust teachers have their know-hows to make it possible by changing subjects to refresh his attention whenever he hits his limit.

During his enrollment, he often showed wrong behaviours of course, and faced incidents due to lack of social skills – after all they are our major concerns, aren’t they? We consulted “Bridging the Gap” whenever such things happened, and they struggled this together and supported us to level-up through such struggles. In another words, they empowered and strengthened us to face outward to society again.

There are so many institutions and skillful therapists. Nevertheless only MyGym and “Bridging the Gap” love your child as they are and can guide your family with right direction.

If anyone asks me the best thing I did last year, I’ll say, without any hesitation, sending my son to “Bridging the Gap”.

Lucia (Kuiyeom) Kim
April 07, 2019

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