5 Ways to Decrease Children’s Tantrums

5 Ways to Decrease Children’s Tantrums

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Dealing with our children’s tantrums is really challenging. They may exhibit behaviors like crying, stomping or shouting when they feel upset. However, if it is already out of hand, below are some ways you can decrease your children’s tantrums:

  • If your child is upset about something that he can’t have, or he can’t do at that moment, distract them with something else. Most of the time, we use music like relaxing and calming songs and phonic songs. Children likes these types of music. Our kids often like to hear something that is very familiar with them like “Wheels on the Bus” or “Twinkle, Twinkle little star” and if you sing it with hand movements, they just eventually stop crying. Using musical instruments like shakers, rattles or drums can also help them to be distracted as they hear these sounds. In addition to that, one of the most effective activity that could distract our kids is blowing of bubbles. This goes from babies until pre-school aged. This tried and tested in our program.


  • This is probably challenging, but we cannot let our win over us. Our children are very smart that they know how to manipulate adults by throwing tantrums. Sometimes, parents & teachers just want to give in, but we need to be firm. We have to remember that we are not just raising a 2-year-old, but we are raising a future 8-year-old or 12-year-old and so on. We want them to learn from early on. Most important is to avoid giving candy or sweets just to make them stop crying. It usually words but candy contains a lot of sugar which is rewarding to the brain. Some children might think, “wow, I got sugar. I want to cry more so I’ll get sugar.” So, let’s avoid it.


  • We are not just raising a baby. Eventually, we will be raising a teenager and they need to learn during their early ages. If Mummy says no, then it must mean Mummy really says no. Same goes with the teachers in school. It must be across all environment where the child spends most of his time. It is tough, but they learn. Our children really do. There is certain security that children get when they know what to expect.


  • If you’re wondering, what is the show? The answer is, it’s their tantrums. They have their dramatic show of stomping, shouting, crying, rolling on the floor. The best way to do is to turn away from the tantrums and do something else. As long as they’re in a safe position or environment, just turn away. Try distraction. Use bubbles or toys. Let say you started playing bubbles, show them you’re really having fun with it. Give them opportunities to join you while you play. They would definitely test you but again, be consistent. Just play bubbles, have fun and let them feel that you’re consistent. Eventually, you would see them playing with you. We can always encourage them but not beg them.


  • When the crying is done, reward that. Let them know that it’s good that they stopped crying. Give a little special attention to that. You can say, “Good job! I see that you are not crying anymore. I like that!” Have a few moments to explain how happy you are that they stopped. Give appropriate attention for appropriate behavior. Reward what you like.

No one knows your children best except for you. You would know if it is a real cry or a fake one. You would know if it’s the time to soothe them and give them comfort. When needed, give them a big hug. Use your calming voice and have a big nice squeeze as it’s really calming to the sensory of the kids.

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