Benefits of Playing Blocks

Benefits of Playing Blocks

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Children nowadays are often seen playing high-tech toys and gadgets. Most of the children even have their own iPads which makes them forget about the simple toys such as blocks, marbles, shakers, etc. Children prefer toys with sounds, lights and all types of battery-operated items making the basic toys seem boring. Have you ever wondered about the benefits of basic toys like blocks? Do you think playing these toys is necessary? The answer is definitely YES. These kinds of toys may seem very simple, but it gives wonders to certain areas of our children’s development.

Below are the benefits of playing blocks:

1. It enhances physical development.

When playing blocks, children use certain muscles which helps with their gross and fine motor skills. It also promotes hand-eye coordination as children reach, lift, move and build with blocks. As they pick up different sizes of blocks, this will help exercising their fine motor skills. As they press, plug, re-assemble, twist and turn – number of muscles are being used.

2. It enhances creativity.

Blocks are very plain and appears as loose parts which means the children are free to put together blocks. They can make different structures by combining different colors, shapes and sizes. There are countless opportunities for the children to create using blocks. Blocks can also be played with clay, popsicle sticks and even small toy figurines making their “play” more creative and realistic.

3. It enhances problem solving skills.

Playing blocks provides cognitive stimulation and promotes their problem-solving skills. This can also help them think which block will complete whatever they are building. Different concepts and skills are strengthened through playing blocks which includes length, measurement, comparison, estimation, symmetry and also balance. These are all skills that are very essential and our daily lives and also important as they progress their level in school.

4. It enhances social and emotional growth.

When children play blocks, they will eventually discover that they can have ideas and that they can bring these ideas to life by creating and transforming these blocks pieces. During play with other children, they are exposed to opportunities that will help them to take turns, share toys, create bond and friendship, cooperate with others and also increase their attention span.

In short, playing blocks can actually help with our children’s holistic development. It’s very simple yet it is bound with endless possibilities and ideas giving more opportunities for our children to learn and discover themselves. Happy stacking!

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