Benefits of Storytelling to Our Children

Benefits of Storytelling to Our Children

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Life in the older times is very simple. Simple in a sense that kids enjoy the breeze of the wind while they run around, and they play their hearts to the fullest even without the gadgets that we have now. We have grown up on stories narrated to us by our grandparents, parents and other elders in the family. These stories made a great impact on how we see life and how we should live our lives. From fairytales to old classic short stories, these all give us wonderful good moral lessons.

All stories narrated to us from our childhood years, up until the present times, these somehow helped in sparkling our passion for reading which is very important in a child’s development. Children instinctively love books and stories as they are introduced to wonderful ideas and places.

Through stories, children are able to learn and discover more about life, the world, and themselves. Aside from having a bonding opportunity, there are so many benefits to reading with your child. This is why in Bridging the Gap, we always make every storytelling fun by using puppets, costumes & dramatic facial expression making the story more real.

Below are the benefits story telling:

  1. Storytelling introduces new vocabulary words to our children
  • This is a big advantage of storytelling. It is proven to help in enhancing a child’s vocabulary. Children become curious about some words and they have the urge to know the meaning of the ones they cannot understand. All these vocabulary words can help them in communicating themselves better.
  1. Storytelling enhances their listening skills of children
  • As early as infant age, children can already absorb words that they later use in their lives. This is why telling stories should be an important part of the daily schedule. As our children grow up, storytelling encourages and enhances the listening skills of the children. When the habit of listening to stories is instilled in them, they learn to become better listeners.
  1. Storytelling enhances curiosity and imagination
  • Reading a story to a child can help increase their willingness to express themselves and communicate their thoughts and feelings. As we verbalize words from the story, it makes them visualize the story, where the story took place, how the characters look like and the mood of the story. All of these can spark their imagination. Most of the time, children like to ask question every storytelling. This actually hones their curiosity and their eagerness to learn new things.
  1. Storytelling increase focus and social skills
  • Through storytelling, children are encouraged to listen to others whether it be the main storyteller of other listening to the story. The children learn to be patient and to let others speak and be open to their ideas. Their focus and listening skills are developed as they concentrate on what the storyteller is saying because if they do not listen, they will miss out a part of the story.

Storytelling is an art that even technology cannot steal from you. Have a quality storytelling time with your kids on a daily basis. Share stories of all genres and story of how your day went. Share with them your thoughts, how you felt in that moment and this will help them develop love to storytelling.

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