How being barefoot boosts brain development in children?

How being barefoot boosts brain development in children?

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Have you ever wondered why some of the children hates wearing socks?  At times, as parents or teachers, we would always ask our children to wear socks because of various reasons. Some of these are for the children’s safety against hazardous objects on the floor and mainly because we don’t want our children to be dirty. However, studies show that being barefoot actually benefits brain development.

Going barefoot has multiple benefits that most of us didn’t really pay attention to. When children have the opportunity to explore and play in their feet, they have much more access to sensory experiences that cannot happen when they are wearing shoes.


What’s good in going barefoot?

  • Going barefoot is good for sensory integration, foot strength, arch development and reduced sensitivity to tactile input. Without shoes, the feet are receiving more proprioceptive input. It also helps the children understand spatial awareness.
  • It was said that feet are the most nerve-rich part of the human body,which means they contribute to the connection of neurological pathways in the brain! This is why some kids prefer walking barefoot on carpet floor that with socks. Covering them in shoes socks, therefore, means we’re eliminating the kinds of opportunities for children’s brains to grow new neural connections through their feet!
  • Walking barefoot can give you a better health. Yes you read it right! Walking barefoot can lower toxic stress,  regulate stress responses, and boost immunity. Have you heard about acupuncture? It’s similar! In fact, when you walk around barefoot, you are actually decreasing the risk of heart disease.  The focal points on your feet, being tapped, helps you to feel relaxed. On top of that, you are helping to regulate the nervous system,  lower the risk of diabetes, and even improve your skin.
  • When children are barefoot, it allows a development of higher brain centres, which allows for better problem-solving skills, language skills, social skills, regulation of emotions, and confidence.

So, if your child kept removing the socks every time you let them wear it, let them be! It’s their way of wanting to explore and learn about their bodies and their environment too. Let their feet be dirty! Let them discover.

As we all say… dirty feet are the happiest!

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