Simple Activities at Home that Helps in Your Toddlers’ Development

Simple Activities at Home that Helps in Your Toddlers’ Development

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Playing is one of the best teachers for our kids especially the toddlers. Through playing, they are to explore and experience the world themselves. This is why we must expose our toddlers to different activities that can be done at home. Note that having these activities won’t require you to spend money in buying materials, because most of the things you’ll be needing are at home. All the recyclable materials, kitchenware and whatnot can be used.

Many of the parents nowadays let their toddlers use iPads to make them engaged and busy. However, this limits their opportunity to use all their senses in order for them to have holistic development. Making them use these iPads alone fences their social and communication skills to develop. Plus, there won’t be any bonding experience with the parents or caregivers.

So, here are some of the simple activities you could do with your toddlers at home:


This is probably the easiest activity that you can do at home. Note that this is really an interesting activity for toddlers especially that they are starting to learn the different colors. Start with the primary colors:  red, yellow and blue. Then, you can go on to the secondary colors: orange, green and purple. Find colored popsicle sticks or leg blocks and let them sort it by placing it in colored cups correspondingly. You can also find shoe boxes, cover it with colored papers. Take a big box with different colored objects (random objects like notebook, socks, clips, spoon, etc.) Let them sort these objects and place it in the shoe box. There a lot more things you can use! This can be done indoor or outdoor.


Children this age loves exploring things. They are able to find the even smallest object in your house! So, this is the perfect activity for them! Take a photo of the object which you want them to look for. Make sure it is an object of their interest so they will be motivated to find it in your room, house or garden. Engage them in the activity by giving them clues. Drive them to different directions, and make it more fun by saying “Is it there? I don’t think so! Try again!” This will keep them excited and motivated to find the object. Most importantly, praise or reward them if there are able to finish the activity!



Who wouldn’t love balloons and bubbles? From babies to toddlers to preschool-aged children, these are the things that they won’t resist! Play bubbles with your children. This is an activity that can help them in requesting, help increase their attention skills and also develop eye-hand coordination. Let them pop the balloons in the air! Make it more exciting by blowing one big bubble and then followed by small bubbles. This will make them feel excited and engaged! For balloon, this may seem very simple, but this is actually very help in developing our children’s gross motor skills! Let them high-five the balloon, kick the balloon or even sit on the balloon and pop it.


Pom-poms and pipe cleaners are probably the materials that teachers and kids love! There are so many things you can do with these. You can use pom-poms and let your toddlers drop it in a cup, plastic tub or even tissue rolls. If they are able to sort colors, you can do color sorting activities too. For pipe cleaners, you can use it for threading activities. Let them place big beads into the pipe cleaner. To make it easier, you can cut straws and let them thread it to the pipe cleaner. These activities will refine their fine motor skills and also can help in increasing their attention  and sitting skills.

Have fun with all of these activities!

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