Why Choose BioZone Scientific?

Why Choose BioZone Scientific?

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SAFETY. This is a word which is prioritized by everyone. Nowadays, this is the focus of everyone as new variants of virus circulate in Singapore. This is very alarming this put everyone’s safety to go around at risk. Professionals have been finding ways to combat this matter. From medications to vaccinations, these are some of the solutions. However, we cannot 100% rely on these are causes are still unknown. Singapore government has heightened the measures which helped in stabilizing the number of cases per day. On top of these precautions being followed in our center, we would always go beyond just to ensure the safety and well-being of our students. This is why, we secured our working and learning environment with BioZone Air Purifier.

On top of the sanitization of our classrooms and learning materials every hour or every after use, we feel more at ease with the help of the BioZone Air Purifier. If you are wondering why we use this, we will give you the benefits of having this in our center below:

  1. It is certified by CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and proven that it has an ability of killing 99.9998% of  H1N5/H1N1 virus in 0.44s.
  2. It uses “photoplasma”, an active cleaning agent which combats infectious micro-organisms
  3. It removes unpleasant smell from human beings or pet and protects the area from moulds and harmful impurities
  4. It is energy saving (12V DC, 20 W. ) so, equipment can be run 24/7.
  5. It is filter free. So, no cleaning required.

These factors are very critical especially on our field because we are handling children with special needs. They are more vulnerable and at risk with these infections & viruses. Moreover, environment is a great factor for our kids sensory processing & regulation. If the environment where they move around is safe, then learning will come in more effective.

Where can you find our BioZone Air Purifier?

As mentioned, BioZone Air Purifier is quiet and economical therefore, this doesn’t affect our children and daily operations. This can purify the whole area of center, but we placed ours in the common areas where our children simultaneously use.




BioZone Air Purifier is trusted by many companies and agencies in Singapore. We wouldn’t miss the chance to take one step ahead in keeping our children’s safety!

We also want to thank BioZone Scientific for sponsoring us one of our units. Each day feels safer with it!

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