Why is Circle Time Important for the Children?

Why is Circle Time Important for the Children?

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For preschool-aged children, active play is one of the most important ways for children to learn. This applies not only at home but most especially in school. Children loves to explore and try out new things, but it is also important let them know that in every place or in every setting, there is a routine that they need to follow.  

 Circle time is one of the things our children look forward to in school. This is because this circle time is the best moment for them to get a sense of a community with other kids of the same age and also enhance their socials skills. Not only that, through circle time, their attention span will be developed. For most schools, the day will start with a circle time. This will help the children to be settled and will help them to be ready of what will they be doing for the day which includes the lesson, topics and the activities.  

 Here are some benefits of circle time to our children: 

  • Development of Social Skills 

 One of the greatest benefits of our children can get from circle time is their opportunity to socialize with their classmates. During circle time, they learn how to greet each other and learn awareness among themselves. This is the kind of interaction that will greatly increase their social skills and at the same time, a way for them to be comfortable with their peers. This will help them feel and learn that each child is valued and that they are part of a group. This is a good start for them to be prepared at they move on to the next level in education.  

  •     It is a good practice of routine & transition. 

 Routine will always be part of our lives be it for children or for adults. Participating in circle time introduces young children to the concept of time through a routine. We can use circle time to go over the day’s topics and activities so that the children will have an idea of what to learn for the day. At the same time, circle time will help a smoother transition going to the next activity. Let’s say for the day, the topic will be about farm animals, we can let our children sing “OLD MC DONALD”, do actions, do farm animals sounds and you can let them find the animals inside the classroom and can transit to introducing them the topic.  

  •      Improvement of listening skills 

 Paying attention to the teacher and their classmates while in the circle helps the children to develop listening skills. On top of that, this will let them know how to respect the teachers and their classmates that if one is saying something, they should stop and listen until they get their turn. Their having to sit briefly during the circle time helps them understand boundaries. Learning about structure, limits, and rules at an early age is healthy for the youngsters.  

  • It can develop Language / Communications Skills.  

 Most of the pre-school aged children are still learning how to verbalize and pronounce words. This is the age where they imitate sounds from the teachers and classmates. In fact, these age group can mimic sounds very well. However, this is not a same case for all. Some have language delay, and this is an excellent tool for supporting these children facing such problem. Circle time can break down barriers and foster healing and communication especially for the troubled children.  

  • It can motivate them to go to school.  

 We all know that children love games and fun. Through circle time, it can make the children feel excited and motivated in going to school. This is the best opportunity for the teachers to do interactive games and activities and this will help our children look forward in coming to school every day. It can actually help them feel that school is fun rather than a chore.   

 Making circle time part of a child’s routine can help in making learning fun. It will definitely promote growth and development in children in the different aspects of learning. These are just some of the benefits of circle time for pre-school aged group. Let’s our children be enthusiastic about learning and let’s help them to look forward every day for another day in school.  

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