Benefits of Sensory Wall

Benefits of Sensory Wall

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Learning environment plays a vital role in terms of our children’s over-all development. For parents, when choosing a school, the environment is the first thing being considered. We want the school to be nurturing, safe and at the same time enjoyable.

In Bridging the Gap, we have specially designed environment for our children with diverse needs. More than the classroom set up, we give high importance to our sensory gym where our children can explore, play and also regulate themselves before starting their daily routines. Our sensory gym provides various sensory input for the children. We have different types of swings, trampoline, crash pads, jungle gym, tunnels and most importantly, the highlight of our gym is our SENSORY WALL.

Our sensory wall provides provide developmentally appropriate play experiences to our children. Children touch everything because it’s their most dependable sensory system and the first to develop. Play experiences from sensory walls and activity panels provide children a variety of tactile inputs to help the nervous system organize the sensory information around them. We have chosen manipulatives that can cater to different ages. Therefore, it is suitable for all our children.

Sensory walls can open up a whole new world for children with developmental delays. Providing a stimulating environment can:

  • Increases concentration and focus attention
  • Increases cognitive development: creativity & problem solving skills
  • Stimulates senses of hearing, sight, smell, touch, and taste
  • Improves coordination and motor development (fine and gross motor)
  • Promotes cognitive development by increased brain function
  • Leads participants to explore their environment
  • Promotes atmosphere exploration where children can enjoy
  • Develops the concept of cause and effect
  • Develops language and communication stimulation
  • Promotes social interactions with teachers and peers
  • Results in more calmness and lower aggressive behaviours
  • Increases opportunity for self-awareness and making choices
  • Promotes sharing and turn taking skills

(Music and sound exploration)

(Enhancement of fine motors skills)

(Good for problem solving skills and eye-hand coordination)

(Language stimulation and pretend play)

(Enhancing creativity and taps curiosity)

(Alphabet recognition, phonemic sounds and increase of vocabulary words)

(Number recognition and number sense)

These are just some of the selected manipulative on our sensory wall. Each element plays a big role for the holistic development of our children.

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